• Sep 10, 2012

So first off, the SimpleCV team would like to aplogize for waiting a while to give a blog post update. Our last blog post update was over 4 months ago, and typically when you visit an Open Source project you like to see frequent updates to know the project is being worked on. Although it’s been a while and we haven’t posted updates, which may lead you to believe there haven’t been any, that is definitely not the case as this blog post will explain that we’ve been so busy we haven’t had time to update.

I will try an keep everything that has happened in chronological order:

Now that things aren’t so hectic we plan on doing more updates than just once every quarter of the year. Our summer of code students have been working extremely hard this summer and we plan on having another big post with all the cool things they have added into SimpleCV as the program ends very soon. We plan on to continue to try and add as many updates as possible, and if you would like to see something added in SimpleCV that you feel maybe missing, feel free to add it to our ticket queue. We typically update our twitter feed, so feel free to follow us there as well.