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Downloading SimpleCV

Before you click the download button below, please read the following. What you are downloading and installing is a packaged version of SimpleCV. It is meant include all the required libraries you should need to run SimpleCV. Please note that not all webcams work with SimpleCV. When you click the link it will begin downloading the appropriate super pack based on your operating system.

Latest Stable Release: SimpleCV Version 1.3 Superpack
Once you have everything installed, you can start learning how to use SimpleCV by going to the learn section.  Although it is not required, if you are new to computer vision or to SimpleCV, it is recommended you purchase the book to get up to speed quickly. In addition, you can refer to the documentation for details on each function in SimpleCV.

Want to run the latest and greatest?

The packaged version may not have some of the newest features maybe showcased in videos or examples posted online. If you would like to run the latest development version please follow the instructions included in the README file which is found in the download or is hosted in the repository here.

Need Help?

Then head over to the forums at:

How can I help contribute to the SimpleCV project?

If you would like to help contribute please see our How to Contribute to SimpleCV page.