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Contributions from the community are vital to the success of SimpleCV, and we are honored when people want to help contribute to the project. There are many different ways that you can contribute to SimpleCV, and you can give as little or as much time as makes sense for you. We will outline various ways that you can help contribute here, and you can choose the way that you'd like to get involved.

Community Support

One valuable contribution you can make is to help other users of SimpleCV by answering questions in the help forum. Everyone is new at some point in time, and it really helps when other people volunteer their knowledge or share their experiences. To start helping people, all you need to do is create an account on, log in, and start answering any questions you might know the answer to.

Create a Tutorial or Video

One of the help resources we offer are tutorials that showcase how to use SimpleCV to answer a particular problem or need. We're always looking for new tutorials, so if you have an idea for one that you think might help other users, please let us know about it either by tweeting at us at @Simple_CV. Or, if you've created something cool with SimpleCV, and have a video of your project, we'd love to hear about that too!

Code Development

If you're a developer, and would like to help develop the SimpleCV code base, we welcome the help. Developer contributions are one of the ways we continually seek to improve and expand SimpleCV. You can help with the code development by either contributing patches or by creating new features and extensions. The first thing you need to do is get the source code, if you haven't already. If you're looking for a problem to solve, you can post a message in the help forum, and we'll help steer you towards something you might want to work on. Once you're done with your code development, you submit your code using a GitHub pull request. The more information you can put in your pull request, the better. Here's our FAQ answer on how to write a good pull request, in case it helps.

Promote the Project

An easy way to help contribute to SimpleCV is to simply help get the word out about it! If you use social media, you can really help make SimpleCV more visible by tweeting about it (@Simple_CV), or liking our Facebook or Google+ pages. Or you can just tell your friends or co-workers about it over say a nice cup of coffee or a beer. (This is being written on a Friday afternoon, so at the moment, we're heavily leaning towards the beer here.)

Seriously, anything you do to help make SimpleCV more visible is appreciated - as is your desire to help contribute to the project in general. Thank you!!