• Feb 21, 2014

We regret to inform that SimpleCV has decided not to be part of the Google Summer of Code 2014 program this year. It was not an easy decision, as many of the core developers involved are big advocators of open source software in addition to the program being a fantastic way for students to contribute to opensource and get paid doing so. The past couple years have been quite successful for the SimpleCV project during the GSoC 2012 & 2013 years. We greatly thank everyone who has contributed in the past or who is and/or was anxious to help contribute this summer. Please don’t consider this the death of SimpleCV, we currently have a lot of things planned, which includes the release of SimpleCV 2.0. There will be much refactoring for SimpleCV 2.0 and will be ready for GSoC 2015, but at this current time we felt we didn’t have the man power necessary to manage all the students, especially while a large portion of the code base is undergoing a rewrite. SimpleCV will much more awesome in 2.0, require much less dependencies, and will probably fix a lot of the deployment issues (Windows, Mac, linux, etc). Please stay tuned and watch the github repo and blog for updates as we progress over the next year. We greatly appreciate everyone that has contributed, tested, and used SimpleCV over the years, look for it to only get better.